college rules

college rules

The last event, which has been invited to dozens of people took three days. Everyone had to come dressed in white, so called. white party. Girls wore scanty bikini, some were topless, the guys usually only in white pants, possibly in a white shirt unbuttoned. Good day to treat a mysterious beverage which tasted exotic and includes not only alcohol. But we all knew more about it. Music, smoke pipes and increasingly crowded, and murmuring in his head slowly drink the remnants of shame and deprive people became open, even if they had known for many years. Everyone greeted each other kissing on the mouth, some could not tear himself away from each other and immediately landed on the floor or large pillows, which was littered with here and there. Babes address the single guys, stripping and blowing them standing at attention tassels. In another part of the premises took place card orgy, played in the strip Black Jack, Macau. There was freedom, everybody did it on what he wanted. One lady sat in a chair, wore a T-shirt and boxer parted thighs, she showed her pussy and stroked the belly, licked his fingers and gently guiding them to their stomata. In his hand he held a telephone and tried to dial the number. After a while the conversation is conducted sexphone most ordinary. She wailed into the phone and pressed his fingers into pussy, clearly reached an orgasm. Suddenly one of the guests approached her, leaned over and put a big tongue in the middle of her pussy. It was a live sex, which attracted a small group of observers. Men of steel and stroked their cocks after. Jane has come to an orgasm very quickly, the phone was thrown somewhere, the guy fell to the floor like a slave. Climbed onto his cock sticking and jumping until he was red, and fired into the air. Quickly she put him in the mouth and tugged until the end… Want to see? 😉 College Rules


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